Total Fertility Solutions

Consulting & Counselling

Service Brief

This comprehensive counseling service is available for new patients, those considering assisted reproductive treatment (ART), and past patients who would like further support. Our counseling team is experienced in helping men and women deal with difficult circumstances and emotions. We would encourage you to take positive steps through counseling so you can feel more in control of your treatment, emotions, physical health and relationships.

Our supportive fertility counseling can help you:

  • Prepare for fertility treatments, and explore the options and implications when making decisions about starting, changing or stopping treatments
  • Deal with the emotional impact of treatment
  • Work on relationship issues that may arise as a result of treatment or may be affecting your treatment
  • Cope with unsuccessful treatment cycles or pregnancy losses
  • Deal with the reactions of families, friends and work colleagues
  • Explore ways to help you feel more in control
  • Manage the anxieties of pregnancy and preparation for parenthood
  • Deal with the specific issues related to donor treatment cycles and surrogacy.

Service Information

We can set up an appointment for you to visit the clinic and consult with the doctor. The first consultation will be with all your previous papers & already performed investigations. This consultation will include History-Taking & a Clinical Examination. A schedule of investigations required will be laid out with clear & precise instructions as to the further course of action.

For an appointment, please call at the 91-9826419771 or fill the appointment form or email us @ for a list of available appointments to meet your needs.