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Transvaginal Ultrasonography is an eye of gynaecologist.

Ultrasonography is painless, relatively inexpensive, and considered very safe, even during pregnancy.

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Procedure for Ultrasonography:

To evaluate your body parts, the examiner inserts the transducer into the body—for example, into the vagina to better image the uterus and ovaries or into the anus to image the prostate gland / seminal vesicles / vas in males.

If the abdomen is being examined, people may be asked to refrain from voiding urine few hours before ultrasonography. Usually, the examiner places thick gel on the skin over the area to be examined to ensure good sound transmission. A handheld transducer is placed on the skin and moved over the area to be evaluated. Similarly, to calculate testicular volume, probe is used with thick gel over skin of scrotum in men.

Both our Doctors are well versed with pelvic sonography, TVS and TRUS techniques.