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For Patients Outside Indore / Patients Guide

For patients who wants to avail our services but are situated outside Indore, we understand that it becomes quiet difficult to travel to Indore, book hotels for stay for days long together. Thus, our doctors would take extreme care in scheduling your appointments in a systematic manner that will be designed in such a manner that you complete all the related works within a couple of visits. We ensure that the entire treatment is done for you by minimum number of visits. Also, instead of throwing sudden surprises at you, we inform in prior about the dates and we clearly specify the number of visits you'll be needed to pay. This way, we make sure that our patients who are outside Indore avail our services in the most effective way without unnecessary wastage of time and money…

Step 1. Schedule an appointment at the clinic

If you wish to consult us schedule a visit to our center, Please call at the 91-9826419771 or fill the form or email us @ for a list of available appointments to meet your needs.

Step 2. Visit Schedule

Visit No. Day of Period Husband 3 Visits Wife 6 Visits Remarks
1 Any Day Yes Yes * Carry all your previous reports & files
* Once you decide to undergo IVF cycle can do
-Px - IVF Investigation
-Registration (in same visit)
2 D1/D2 Yes Start of cycle/ Injections
3 D6/D7 Yes (or at convenience for Semen Freezing.) Yes Follicular Monitoring
4 D9/D10 Yes Follicular Monitoring
5 D11/D12 Yes Yes Ovum pick up (stay upto 6 hours)
6 D15/D17 Yes Embryo Transfer

* Wife visit can be reduced to 3 visit if you have gynecologist / radiologist back home for follicular monitoring & Lab facility

Bhcg test can be done 15 days after OPU at your place