Total Fertility Solutions

Training Programme

Total Fertility Solutions helps doctors to fulfil their dream of being a certified IVF specialist by offering various training programmes. The best part about these training programmes is that it lets the trainees learn from best trainers.

With an experience of 8 years in the field of infertility, we have successfully been a part of 1000 IVF Cycles, more than 700 Ovum Pick Ups and around 500 Embryo Transfers. Due to our passion in the field and years of professional hands-on experience with the technology, we are now skilled in setting up new IVF Units and training and handholding other gynecologists.

We have professional experience in Andrology and in surgical retrieval sperm techniques like Micro Tese /Tese / Tesa/Pesa and updates on the latest advancements and technologies in this arena

What could be better than learning an art from a friendly environment where you are free to ask your doubts, expertise in the skill at ease. Sign-up today for our courses if you aspire to be a IVF specialist. Here's a small sneak peek into our training modules:


1. Overview of Infertility

2. Basic Evaluation of Male & female Partners

3. IUI

3.1. Indications

3.2. Stimulation

3.3. Semen Preparation

3.4. Timing & Procedure

3.5. Luteal Support

4. IVF

4.1. Indications

4.2. Stimulation

4.3. Monitoring

4.4. IVF | ICSI Procedure

4.5. Embryo Evalutaion

4.6. Embryo Transfer | Blastocyst Transfer

4.7. Batching

4.8. Luteal Phase Support

5. Male Infertility

5.1. Male Partner Evaluation

5.2. Semen Analysis

5.3. Surgical sperm retrieval procedure

6. Overview of-

6.1. Semen Cryopreservation

6.2. Oocyte Cryopreservation

6.3. Sperm Donation

6.4. Oocyte Donation

6.5. Surrogacy

7. ICMR Guidelines

8. Oocyte Retrieval (Technique and Training)

9. Embryo Transfer (Technique and Training)

10. Sperm Retrieval (Procedure and Training)

11. How to open an IVF Center

12. Clinical Courses

# Course Name Fees Duration
1 Basic courses certificate Rs. 15,000 2 Days
2 Advanced courses certificate Rs. 30,000 5 Days
3 Technical course for OPD and ET Rs. 50,000 7 Days

Dates will be given as per center’s batch dates

To apply, please provide following details