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How to get pregnant ?

How to get pregnant ?

10 April, 2018 Total Fertility Solutions

Human beings have well developed and cyclical reproductive cycle. To plan pregnancy, one needs to understand the reproductive physiology of human body.

Reproductive organs in female comprises of single vagina, single uterus, two fallopian tubes and two ovaries.

In females, normally egg starts developing in the ovary from day 1 or 2 of her periods. It keeps on growing till it attains size of around 2 cm, which happens usually on 12th day, but may vary from 10th to 14th day in females with normal periods and regular 28days menstrual cycle. But in PCOS or Poor Ovarian reserve patients, Ovulation may not happen regularly.

Once the egg attains its maturity, there is LH hormone surge which leads to its rupture. As egg ruptures on 14th day+/- 2 days it is taken in by fallopian tube. If a female has sexual intercourse at the right time that is within 12 to 18hrs of egg rupture(between 10th to 16th day), and husband’s sperm count and motility are optimal, then one of the sperm may fertilize egg, conception may occur, it may form embryo.

This embryo now travels to the uterus and implants in the lining of uterus on 6th day post ovulation. If the embryo gets optimum environment it grows and develops into foetus .And is it happens a patient may miss her period at usual dates.

If all the parameters are normal , i.e.,Ovarian reserve is good, tubes are open , uterus is normal and husband’s semen analysis is normal;and a couple practice regular intercourse at the right time, within a year almost 80 to 85 % couples conceive.

But in case , even after one year there is no conception, you may visit an infertility clinic ,or even earlier when a couple feels there is any problem like irregular periods,history of TB, any operations done, or problems with male partner or difficulty in consummation of marriage.

You will be subjected to certain tests to determine if all is normal with the reproductive system functioning and then treatment is planned accordingly

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